Medical Malpractice

We hold people in the medical field in high esteem. When things go wrong during surgery or when fatal symptoms are overlooked in the emergency room, people assume that the risks were unavoidable. In reality, that’s often not the case.

When surgical errors are made, when infants suffer injuries during delivery, or when seniors are malnourished in the nursing home, it may be a sign of medical malpractice. Doctors, nurses and other health care providers who fail to maintain the proper standard of care and cause injuries as a result can and should be held accountable.

At the Law Offices of John D. Sileo, LLC, we expose the negligence of health care providers. Our attorneys represent individuals in New Orleans and throughout Southern Louisiana in a range of medical malpractice cases, including:

  • Birth injuries
  • Surgical errors
  • Misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose
  • Emergency room errors
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Failure to order or perform necessary testing
  • Interpreting test results incorrectly
  • Failing to inform patients of known complications of medical treatment

What Constitutes Medical Malpractice?

Health care negligence is described by Louisiana law as any treatment — or lack of proper treatment — that causes harm to a patient. Doctors, chiropractors, physician’s assistants, physical therapists, nurses, nursing assistants, pharmacists, psychiatric care specialists, dentists, dental assistants and paramedics can all be held liable in medical malpractice cases. Medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics or nursing homes may also be liable for negligence.